Direct Wines Production is part of an established, family-owned business that has been involved in the wine industry since the 1960s.

With over 50 years of experience in trading wine - as a part of the global Direct Wines trading business - we have established a reputation across the world and network that few can match.

On top of this, we have over 65 years of experience making our own wine in twelve countries. Currently, our team is spread across our properties in France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

There's also our unique "Château & Shed" partnership between Le Chai au Quai in France and RedHeads Wine in Australia. This is the ultimate union between New and Old World where the exchange of ideas between winemakers is a continuation of Tony Laithwaite's Flying Winemakers from the 1970s.

Iain Muggoch

General Manager

Iain has had over 25 years in the wine business, working with some key players and top wineries around the world. Before being appointed General Manager of Direct Wines Production in 2013 he was Buying Director for a fine wine merchant. There he played a major role in developing key brands and growing it to be the UK’s largest supplier to the on-trade.


Fond of Bordeaux's classics, he is always delighted to open a bottle from the handful of family-owned estates in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux.

Iain Muggoch.png

Matt Eggens

Commercial Manager

It might be easier to sum Matt up by what he hasn't done, such is the wealth of experience he has brought to the team! Our Operations Manager joined us in June 2017 with his knowledge and understanding of the business has had a huge impact. 

Matt has worked in wine for over 10 years with experience in the on-trade and off-trade, prior to working for one of the UK's oldest wine merchants.

When not working, Matt's time is dedicated to his wife, children and the occasional glass (or two) of Riesling.

Matt Eggens Direct Wines Production.jpg

Lucie Matejicna

Head of Business Improvement

Our Moravian business guru, Lucie is the keeper of the purse strings. She had an interesting upbringing too, with a grandmother who insisted that a shot of the local spirit "slivovice" was the secret to her long life! In fact, the local families would all get together each year to compare their own produce! Her family would always come out on top too.

Lucie joined the company in 2011 and hasn't looked back, working her way to Head of Business Improvement.

Lucie Matejicna_edited.jpg

Alex Crawford

Sales and Marketing

The man with the brands, focusing his time on shouting about our wines to whoever wants to listen! He’s usually popping up around the place at events talking customers through the stories behind our labels; it’s best not to be camera-shy around him as he’s always on the lookout for new snaps to put on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


Born and raised in Sydney, he’s travelled the world for wine, enjoying what so many different regions have to offer. A keen sportsman, he's often playing football, cricket or golf.

Alex Crowford.png

Andy Gadd

International Account Manager

Andy has had many years of experience in all parts of the business, starting in the UK in in the outbound sales team, before joining the management side of things. He has been living in Bristol for the last four years, where has recently completed his Wine and Spirits Diploma.


When not at work Andy can be found watching and playing just about any sport going. He’s a QPR season ticket holder (but don’t hold that against him!) and recently completed his first Half Marathon.


His ‘go-to’ country for wine has traditionally been Italian, but recently he has been enjoying furthering his knowledge and understanding of Australian wine.

Andy Gadd2.jpg